About Core Management Workshop

The workshop is an international venue aimed at managers and staff of research core facilities (microscopy, flow cytometry, genomics, sequencing, proteomics, histology, animal house, etc.), to discuss and develop better ways to manage and run facilities for science, to solve technical, scientific, and management problems, and to establish collaborations by networking with peers. Managers, core staff, and industrial partners are all invited to participate.

The international “Core Management Workshop” was launched in 2012 by Nuno Moreno and Rui Gardner, from Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência in Oeiras, Portugal. It was widely attended by many international experts from several core areas. The enthusiasm generated was such that, at the end of the workshop, most participants felt that it would be beneficial to have this meeting annually and taking place in different locations.

On the summer of 2013 the “II Core Management Workshop” took place at the University of Algarve being again a great success in terms of attendance and participation.

The III Core Management Workshop is going to take place at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) in Madrid, Spain on the 16th-17th of October 2014.

On this edition we will count with a panel of experts coming from different research areas, industry and management consultancy. They will share and discuss with us their experience and expertise in all the aspects related to manage successfully a core lab.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to network with experienced core managers and industry peers!

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